From Lisa O. —

"I am so thankful for Sherill and her team for enabling me to have the home birth I hoped for. I love how all of them respected the body's ability to labor, and allowed me to choose the positions that felt right for me, and were there to support, encourage, offer suggestions and in case something went wrong, as opposed to the hospital's intervention heavy approach. I chose to not have cervix checks, and simply progressed through the contractions until it was time to push, and I loved not knowing how far along I was. I felt well cared for and safe the entire time, and both I and my son had a safe and healthy delivery. I highly recommend Sherill as a midwife, and would use her again for a future pregnancy."

From Linda G. — Dana Point, California on Yelp!

"My home birth experience was so awesome! I still get teary eyed when I think about it. Lindsey, and her equally amazing midwife assistant, Sherill helped us welcome our first baby boy into this world...We are so thankful for Lindsey and Sherill."

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